I keep getting these invitations to join my “friends” on google +. I keep looking at these emails and I keep them marked in my inbox as unread. Why? Because I can’t decide if I want to join my “friends” in yet another online endeavor. After there is facebook, that I now use to play scrabble with random strangers on and just check notifications and maybe respond to the occasional message. There is twitter that I just keep being followed on despite very little activity. There is gchat that I usually don’t log on to. There is my yahoo mail (the only thing I do check religiously) and they keep threatening to upgrade me to the new and improved version. And skype which I never log into except from my work account. And of course there is my smart phone  that allows me to connect to all the above. And let’s not forget this blog too.


What’s funny is I am not an avid user of all that connectivity. None of it seems real to me, so why would I connect through one more thing and add to the list of accounts to manage and passwords to remember? I don’t know what google + is, so this isn’t about it or its functions, I know that I will eventually find out. But I think this weekend I will dedicate some time to old fashioned pen and paper and write some letters and head to the post office and get some stamps.

I came into the office only to find the package on my desk. I ripped it open to find a small blue box. Inside it was the new Nokia C7, my new and first smart phone. I was hesitant as I opened it up and explored the new device.  It was on loan to me from a company that would like feedback on the phone.  And so this was a safe way for me to explore the world of smart phones without making a heavy investment.


Back to the phone, I quickly put it down as I was at work and things were not going to be as easy as they looked. I needed to move my contacts from an LG to the Nokia and they don’t talk! The Bluetooth was not compatible- at least I couldn’t figure it out and that is the assumption I made.


I then looked in the box to try and find a manual and there wasn’t one. What there is, is a user guide built into the menu. Now if you are dinosaur like I am, you would prefer paper but I appreciate that the saving of paper. BTW- this could just be because it’s an evaluation model and not in its original packaging. I could be wrong.


So it took me a couple of days to figure out the phone, how to use it, how to connect it and download the applications I like (reads angry birds J), get connected and well start enjoying life with a smart phone.

Have I been converted, well I do enjoy like in the connected lane, do I want it as a lifestyle… I wont lie, I am enjoying it and well I think I will buy a new smart phone come April.