OK why is that whenever I go grocery shopping I can never find the same products. You get comfortable with a brand, a product, its texture, smell, feel, taste, usage, shelf life…etc and then when you go back from more its gone?! I am talking about deodorant, shampoo, cleaning supplies, pastas, hair products, cat litter, cat food, ice cream, bread even. And its not like its one place that doesn’t have the product its many.


I have been looking for a particular brand of deodorant that I found in one store. I went back and it was sold out, Now ever store I g o to I look for that particular brand/ type of deodorant and well two months later its still not to be found.


How about cat litter? If you have a cat you know how important this is for your cat and your sanity. I found the perfect brand that really is odorless but I have looked in pet store, big supermarkets, small supermarkets and it is nowhere to be found.


Bread, a staple, nothing frivolous right? I could not find brown bread in a bakery the other night!


There is no consistency or regularity in the products on the shelves of supermarkets here. They provide all products but not all brands. Or they have one brand one day and not the other. I don’t understand how this works for them. If I can not find what I want day in day out I wont go back! UI don’t want to buy what the procurement manager decides is a good brand of pasta, I want my favorite brand of pasta that I have tasted and tried.


This may seem like a silly post and we should make do with what we have and infact be thankful for a choice. But that is exactly it. I had a choice and when I’ve made my choice its taken away from me.


So in short if you find any adidas deodorant sticks – not the roll ons, not the sprays, the sticks let me know where they are and I’m buying a life time supply!