I know I have written about this topic before but it never ceases to catch me by surprise or inspire me. If you are wondering what I am talking about I am talking about this city, and walking its streets. Today, I left the office (a new office since I recently changed jobs) and decided to walk around the neighborhood as I headed home.

As I was walking in this quiet neighborhood, I turned a corner only to be confronted by the most exquisite fragrance. It was light, and full and sweet. I tried to find out where the smell was coming from but I didn’t succeed as I was surrounded by it. I was in such sensory heaven that I did really care where it came from, I just slowed my pace to take it all in.

After work I made it down to Ras Al Ein for a couple of events where again I was walking, this time through municipal grounds. We were in the middle of the valley surrounded by the tumbling hills of Amman terraced with homes in differing shades. But the surprise was this little yard filled with flowering trees, in full bloom with explosions of beautiful white flowers. And later still it was the Jasmine of Jabal Amman.

Throughout my walks the sounds of the city came to me whether it was the honking of the cars, the boys playing football, or the minarets calling out the athan at sunset, vibrating throughout the valley. But my favorite sound is that of the birds singing all over the city.

I really enjoy Amman and especially at this time of year. So go out, take a walk down some side streets and enjoy the smells, the colors, and the sounds of this city like I do.


Last night I took my first walk of the summer. I have been meaning to do that for nearly two months but I finally found the time and energy last night. My route is in Jabal Amman. I love the area. I love how pedestrian friendly it is, how familiar it is, how cozy it all is. But this was my first walk after the renovations of Rainbow Street have been completed. Walking in my favorite streets I noticed the difference.  


Rainbow street now has wider pavements, seating areas and in general more pedestrians. People are now walking, sitting, playing and using the whole street. It has brought some life back to the area. But I do hate how there is too much lighting in the street every few meters there is a big bright yellow light bulb. I am someone who likes light but this is too much. I enjoy walking in the dark for many reasons including the privacy it offers, especially since I sing and talk to myself during my walks. Now I feel like there is a spot light following me whenever I am walking down Rainbow Street. And don’t get me started with how eco friendly this all is! The explanations I have heard are that this way immoral behavior can not take place on this street. Laughable no?


But back to the walk, the neighborhood should be renamed Jasmine because of all the lovely jasmine trees planted in just about every house. The streets all have their own smells but the small delicate flower of the Jasmine and its heady scent somehow manage to over power these smells and it makes my walks all the more pleasurable. So come walk with me and smell the jasmine in Jabal Amman.