When checking Facebook as one deos in the morning one of the updates included this picture. I am not sure who took it but it is great!It is a street in Abu Dhabi called Al Salam (which means peace) and clearly it is closed!


Peace Street closed

While sitting on my balcony this morning, enjoying my breakfast I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. I looked over my railings only to find that in fact I am being stared at from my neighbor’s balcony. My jaw dropped and with a big smile on my face I thought I would take a picture. Here is what I saw on my neighbor’s balcony.

صباح الخير يا بيروت!

A random thought occurred to me as I sat next to a window on the plane from Copenhagen to Istanbul. Does anyone clean planes? I’m not talking about the plane’s interior but rather the exterior of the plane’s, its windows, its wings, its nose, the body… the outside. I’ve never seen anyone take a bucket and a sponge to a plane, have you? I’ve never seen a planewash either. Do such things exist?

On the flip side of that I have never seen a dirty plane. No dusty, streaky, splotched planes at the airports I’ve been too. All of them have shined and glistened in the sunlight.

Could there be a secret plane cleaning industry we don’t know about, or is it just that high speeds at high altitudes in all weather conditions are self cleaning or super clean?

So if you read the Elastic List you will know that one of the things I want to do is to learn to ride a bike. Yesterday I took the first step to making that happen, I took my first bike ride. YAY! It was at the sports city, two friends came with me for moral support only to be told I don’t do well in front of audiences, so off they went on their bikes and I stayed behind with my instructor.

I learned what I had to do to peddle off and after getting my feet off the ground, I was very quick to put them back down. And so 20 minutes into this I was still learning how to take off. It was frustrating because just when I thought I had it, I would lose my balance. But after a while and with the help of the trainer I was able to ride, for a couple of minutes, but I was able to ride. Oh what fun it was.

An hour later I was kind of riding, still learning to balance and how to break, still not getting the start right, but you know what ,I was on a bike and trying. I was making my dream come true. I was on a bike! It was fun, and frustrating, it was scary and exhilarating, it was funny and fun. But I proved to myself I can do this and I will. So hopefully and soon I will write about driving a bike down the streets of Amman and then you will know I did it. I would have crossed out the learning to bike again off my list and will start something new after that.