Last weekend I attended the Electronic Music Festival. Now I am pretty easy going when it comes to music but this genre didn’t work for me at all. I can probably say that of all the acts that night I only liked the last two. The last two were the Jordanian acts and they were more relevant I guess to me as a listener as they incorporated Arabic instruments, cords and lyrics. I related better to them, but still the music was not mine. But despite that I had a blast!


You may think that is a conflicting position to present. Well I many not have enjoyed the music, but the venue, the people, the atmosphere was fantastic. The venue was the National Arts Gallery park, it’s a beautiful spot and being outdoors, in nature and amongst art was truly nice. I have been to the park on numerous occasions and I must say it is a good place to be. Even the layout of the park and the stage set up and the functional use of the space was just right I think. People came and went, it was relaxed, free flowing and easy. I saw many friends and old acquaintances. I caught up on conversations, lives, and runaway thoughts. The atmosphere was one of lightness with people merging and dispersing, listening and talking, dancing, standing, sitting, walking, and drinking. Alcohol was available without any angst. It was lovely. 


I think that with a different kind of music the event would have been the perfect early summer activity. Outdoor music festivals in  parks with benches, grass and trees are lovely. We need more of these events that bring all elements together. To the organizers I take my hat off since it was well executed and organized. It takes a lot of work to pull of that many artists for those few hours in a way that people are comfortably enjoying themselves. Thank you.