I love this city and I love all it has to offer. I don’t believe I need to spend excessive amounts of money to enjoy myself here. And since I am always asked what should one do in the city – well here are 10 ideas that cost less than 10 JD to enjoy. Some of them even cost less!

1- Take any one of tens of stairs leading downtown from the surrounding Jabals- the ones in Jabal Amman are especially charming.
Cost: Zero

2- Enjoy a meal at any one of these restaurants- they have all been around for ages and are considered institutions amongst Ammannis:
• Hashem, downtown- 24 hour service in the heart of the city
• Al Quds restaurant, downtown- great traditional foods- must try the molokhia, & the crème caramel
• The Orient Bar aka Abu Ahmad, downtown- amazing grilled meats – must try the 3arayes
• Habiba, Downtown- Knafeh, knafeh, knafeh
• Tamriet Omar, Second Circle- Tamrieh and other traditional sweets
• Falafel Al Quds, Rainbow Street- Falafel sandwiches
• Shawerma Reem, Second Circle- Meat Shawerma (I’m not a fan but it’s a must to have had at least one if you live in Amman or are visiting)
Cost: Anywhere between 0.300 JD – 8 JD

3- A walk through Jabal Alweibdeh and its galleries. These include: The National Gallery for Arts, Makan, Darat Al Funun, Dar Al Anda, Darat Al Tasweer, and Mo7taref Al Rimal.
Cost: JD 3 entrance to the National Gallery

4- Making a kite in Jabal Al Qala’a- Befriend one of the kids and have them teach you.
Cost: 2- 3 JD

5- Walk through the Jabal Amman neighborhoods around the first and second circles in the cool summer night and smell the amazing jasmine bushes.
Cost: Zero

6- Sit out on a street café on Rainbow street. I highly recommend Duninde Café for the quiet cozy atmosphere and the hustle and bustle is a lot less on that end of the road.
Cost: A cup of coffee is about 3 JD

7- Sit on the hillside of Jabal Alweibdeh (the side facing Jabal Amman and the road leading downtown) and listen to the call to prayer vibrate and resonate through the valleys. Its so beautiful.
Cost: Zero

8- Find a good look out spot to East Amman in Jabal Amman and watch the day end and sunset reflected on the opposite hills. The colors are magnificent.
Cost: 0 – 5 JD depending on your choice of spot and beverage selection.

9- For an explosion of colors, sounds, smells and tastes walk through the vegetable markets of downtown. There are two a covered one and an outdoor one. Both are fun, noisy loud places.
Cost: Zero if you can resist buying the fresh produce!

10- Joining the Fast Walk on a Sunday or Wednesday evening for a power walk with over 100 people! The walks explore the city with 8 different routes leading you through the back streets of Amman on foot.
Cost: Zero

Feel free to share or start your own lists. I’d love to hear how you enjoy this city. Especially if you can do it for under 10 JD 😉

I know I have written about this topic before but it never ceases to catch me by surprise or inspire me. If you are wondering what I am talking about I am talking about this city, and walking its streets. Today, I left the office (a new office since I recently changed jobs) and decided to walk around the neighborhood as I headed home.

As I was walking in this quiet neighborhood, I turned a corner only to be confronted by the most exquisite fragrance. It was light, and full and sweet. I tried to find out where the smell was coming from but I didn’t succeed as I was surrounded by it. I was in such sensory heaven that I did really care where it came from, I just slowed my pace to take it all in.

After work I made it down to Ras Al Ein for a couple of events where again I was walking, this time through municipal grounds. We were in the middle of the valley surrounded by the tumbling hills of Amman terraced with homes in differing shades. But the surprise was this little yard filled with flowering trees, in full bloom with explosions of beautiful white flowers. And later still it was the Jasmine of Jabal Amman.

Throughout my walks the sounds of the city came to me whether it was the honking of the cars, the boys playing football, or the minarets calling out the athan at sunset, vibrating throughout the valley. But my favorite sound is that of the birds singing all over the city.

I really enjoy Amman and especially at this time of year. So go out, take a walk down some side streets and enjoy the smells, the colors, and the sounds of this city like I do.