The new season has officially started, or have we bypassed this one for summer already? Well either way I know I have switched seasons because:

1-      My toes are free – well sometimes anyways.

2-      I have officially gone out for my first walk of the year.

3-      I have officially gotten my first migraine – triggered by the heat and pressure change.

4-      I have had my first popsicle

5-      I have seen the sun set from Books@cafe’s terrace

6-      I have seen the moon rise also from Books@cafe’s terrace

7-      I have opened my chest of clothing and pulled out some of my summer clothes

8-      The days are getting longer and we will switch to summer time by the end of this week.

So is it summer or spring? Who cares my toesy woseys are FREE.

                               free toes

Its official and if you didn’t get the announcement , here it is again. I HATE SNOW! Yes, yes its pretty as it falls and when you look out in the morning everything has a clean white blanket covering it, but that’s where the niceness of it ends for me.

Someone once said “hate” is a very strong word. I agree. That word carries with it the strength of my feelings towards snow. Its cold, wet and gets everywhere. It piles up and takes way too long to disappear. I don’t play in the snow. I don’t like to walk in it. I will not put my hands in it either. And you know what, taking pictures of it is not very high on my agenda.


These very strong feelings stem from the fact that on two separate snowy occasions I got very sick from my interactions with the snow. On a third occasion it resulted in a major fight with my boss. Putting that aside there is the snow itself cold and wet, it make my knees creak, my fingers ache and my toes cold. It soaks through shoes, and clothes and leaves the skin clammy and cold and I  can never feel warm again the whole day especially my toes.  And lets not get started with the layers and layers of clothing one has to wear to arm against the cold or shed once indoors!

I also dislike the after effects of snow. The muddy wet ice that was snow piled up on the side of the roads. The continuous run off in the streets for days. The muddy wet foot prints wherever you go. And at night and in the early morning hours the treacherous ice that forms makes for scary slippery footsteps that may lead to a nasty fall. Its no longer white, its not pretty and it sure ain’t nice!

So yes I hate snow. That’s been my mantra for days and it wont change anytime soon. So when it snows again you’ll know what I’ll be saying, and just to make sure there is absolutely no confusion it is: I HATE SNOW.

I used to be a sun worshipper. This was a few years back. I stopped after I had an incident with a mole. Since then I’ve limited my consumption of the sun’s rays. But damn it, there is something so relaxing about just sitting in the sun’s arms for hours. Its one of life’s simple pleasures. 

Our winter has not fully set in. We get brutally cold nights, off set by the lovely winter sun during the day. The sun shines bright and strong, giving warmth when the temperature only wants to drop. In Amman you can find many oases to sit and bask in the warm sun, with a cup of coffee. And that’s what I did yesterday. 

The warmth lulls my mind and body. My muscles loosen and I am in a lovely, calm state of being. I constantly close my eyes and lift my face to the sun, paying homage to its glory. 

I miss worshipping the sun and spending hours soaking in its rays. But my mind tells me no, and this is one battle where my mind will win over my heart.

OK I guess I have to admit it. Its official with the rains and the bitter cold of this past week winter is here. But wait the sun is out and its beautiful and shiny and warm. No its cold and my fingers hurt and I am wearing gloves all the time. But I still get away with not wearing a jacket. This is my internal debate with the changing of the seasons. I am in denial about winter.

Its not that I hate winter, really I don’t. I just prefer the other seasons. If I were to rate them I would say spring, fall, summer and then winter. I don’t like the extremes of winter or summer. The summer heat that makes you sweat even when you are sitting or the stifling heat while sitting in a car with no A/C or the sweat stains … I am sure you get the picture.

But with winter, well I do like the light drizzles of rain every now and then. But I can’t stand walking up to a cold room in the morning. Or my fingers that just hurt  unless they are wrapped in woolen gloves. How about the bulky clothes that you hide? We all know what that means… your waist expands to no end, because even you can’t see it under the multitude of layers that is winter clothing. The layers… the under shirt to keep you warm, the shirt that you wear incase you take the sweater off, the sweater, the light jacket and the over coat; and that’s just the top half. On the bottom lets see… there are the stockings nice and thick, the socks, the skirt or pants, and of course the boots. Wow, it was a workout just typing all that up. And when you are armed with all those clothes on you end up at the office where the heat is blasting oven temperature air or a friend’s house with a fire place and you just shed the layers. I like the simplicity of spring with a shirt and a shawl, or even autumn with a light jacket at most. 

Right now I am so in denial it’s not even funny. I have not fully acknowledged the state of the weather and the change of seasons. What that means is I have two chests of clothes open and exploding with winter clothes, I am still wearing a lot of items from my summer wardrobe and it will remain that way until the last possible moment. Which is why I am miserably cold at the end of the day or overly warm at the start of it.

Call me stubborn, call me a fool, call me what you will, but until I can not see the sun for over a week I am still stuck in autumn my second favorite season of the year.