I keep getting these invitations to join my “friends” on google +. I keep looking at these emails and I keep them marked in my inbox as unread. Why? Because I can’t decide if I want to join my “friends” in yet another online endeavor. After there is facebook, that I now use to play scrabble with random strangers on and just check notifications and maybe respond to the occasional message. There is twitter that I just keep being followed on despite very little activity. There is gchat that I usually don’t log on to. There is my yahoo mail (the only thing I do check religiously) and they keep threatening to upgrade me to the new and improved version. And skype which I never log into except from my work account. And of course there is my smart phone  that allows me to connect to all the above. And let’s not forget this blog too.


What’s funny is I am not an avid user of all that connectivity. None of it seems real to me, so why would I connect through one more thing and add to the list of accounts to manage and passwords to remember? I don’t know what google + is, so this isn’t about it or its functions, I know that I will eventually find out. But I think this weekend I will dedicate some time to old fashioned pen and paper and write some letters and head to the post office and get some stamps.

I came into the office only to find the package on my desk. I ripped it open to find a small blue box. Inside it was the new Nokia C7, my new and first smart phone. I was hesitant as I opened it up and explored the new device.  It was on loan to me from a company that would like feedback on the phone.  And so this was a safe way for me to explore the world of smart phones without making a heavy investment.


Back to the phone, I quickly put it down as I was at work and things were not going to be as easy as they looked. I needed to move my contacts from an LG to the Nokia and they don’t talk! The Bluetooth was not compatible- at least I couldn’t figure it out and that is the assumption I made.


I then looked in the box to try and find a manual and there wasn’t one. What there is, is a user guide built into the menu. Now if you are dinosaur like I am, you would prefer paper but I appreciate that the saving of paper. BTW- this could just be because it’s an evaluation model and not in its original packaging. I could be wrong.


So it took me a couple of days to figure out the phone, how to use it, how to connect it and download the applications I like (reads angry birds J), get connected and well start enjoying life with a smart phone.

Have I been converted, well I do enjoy like in the connected lane, do I want it as a lifestyle… I wont lie, I am enjoying it and well I think I will buy a new smart phone come April.


This is being circulated around the web and came into my inbox. We need to be vocal we need to be visible we need to use logical rhetoric. I am reposting their email that calls all of us to action. View their work so far and see how you can help!





Dear friends,

We are a group of Arab women from Jordan who have come together in
response to the vicious attacks by Israel on Gaza. Our aim is to spread awareness across the globe on the atrocities and encourage all responsible citizens to act in the name of humanity. Help us give voice to those who have been silenced by doing the following: 

 1. Visit our YouTube links and rate us positively!

We need your views so we can become the first Arab youtube clip to get onto the most viewed page
The YouTube clips address the following:
On the Humanitarian Situation

On Israel’s Violations of Humanitarian Law

On the Media Spin

Our Call to Action


2. Forward this message to all your friends and encourage them to do the same! Make sure everyone you know watches these videos!

 3. Join our Facebook group and share our videos with your friends!

4.  Add our links on your website and/or blogs.

5.  View our Call to Action episode on You Tube on the 30th of January 2009 so that we may reach our goal of becoming the most viewed clip on YouTube so as to give the crisis in Gaza the exposure it desperately needs.


We need your support! Please help us! For more information, please
email at

In solidarity,
Voices for Palestine


The word play between two is a seduction, a game of flirtation even. It is a matching of wits, a battle of intellect and language. I enjoy this battle more than any other. But this game of words and humor, can either be invigorating or utterly exasperating. I engage in verbal play with people all the time. If it is any good it could possibly lead to mental intercourse, something that is very pleasurable and always desirable for me. If it is bad then I’m left feeling like a cold fish.

My favorite and preferred types of oral sports is the kind that includes both humor and flirtation. Sarcasm and irony rank high up there too. There is something very stimulating about being able to take simple words and give them complex meanings. The stimulation is in having the other party understand, enjoy, and play back. Matching verbal volley for verbal volley, humor for more humor, and flirtation for flirtation. And this is not a blood sport so the purpose is purely recreational.

On the other hand, this exercise becomes tiresome very quickly for me when it is met as a challenge or not met at all. If it treated like a competition, with the other player having to get the last word in, or not even letting the other get a word in edgewise, or has to be right and drills the same point over and over and over and over again (I am sure each of us can think of at least one person who is like that). This is exhausting and exasperating. I am not interested in verbal fencing, where there has to be a winner. But rather, verbal foreplay that is fun, light and could lead to a happily satisfactory end that may or may not have a conclusion.

So put down your fencing swords and bring out that funny, witty, flirtatious tongue. It makes for a much more amusing event and a merrier evening for all involved.  

Yesterday a dear friend of mine arrived from her travels abroad and while we were all sitting around one of us picked up a her laptop and it was contagious. All three of us were sitting in the living room playing laptops. 

While we were playing we interacting in monosyllables and barely conversed… Until we stared to chat online. We had a hilariously ridiculous time chatting, commenting, speaking, typing. It was quite pathetic, but we enjoyed it. In fact we had a blast. I don’t know why typing your words and responding online seems to add an element we lack, a courage, a silliness, an element of humor that we seem to lack in reality. 

While we were online I had a little fit, related to another virtual reality. A family member, my mother, is now online. My mother is not computer savvy or internet friendly. Finding a friend request on Facebook from her stopped me in my tracks and made my jaw drop. MY MOTHER IS ON FACEBOOK. The world is changing and the few vestiges that keep the generations apart are being torn down. My online world which is very separate from my family life is now being invaded. This is a part of me that yes is partially public but not something I perceive my family being active participants in. It’s weird. 

I think the way we interact with the people around us has changed drastically and that includes our family. Our public persons are those online as well as offline now. Our interactions are virtual as well as physical. I don’t know if I like those ideas. It’s a bit sad that sitting in a room we need the aid of computers to talk and that a family member will get to know parts of me through a virtual tool rather than through conversation; or is it? 

I don’t know, the jury is out on that, but I do know it is a different world than that of 5 years ago even and a drastically different world than 10 years ago. I wonder how the future generations will interact with each other 10 years from now?