OK so for the first in a series of events we will be walking below are the details:

Jabal Amman Walk

Date: Friday, April 3, 2009

Time: 5:30 pm

Meeting point: Jabal Amman- Rainbow street- public square across the street from Sadeq home

Cost: ZERO 😀

Duration: As long as you want to walk with me or chat J but I would say an hour or two at most.

Jabal Elweibdeh Walk

Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time: 5:30 pm

Meeting point: Duwwar Paris/ Paris Square (near French Cultural Center and Stop n Shop)

Duration: As long as you want to walk with me or chat J but I would say an hour or two at most.


Wear comfortable shoes, parking available if you take the right at Sadeq home – there is a new parking lot on the right in that street. Bring friends.

Stay tuned for:

1- Kite flying in Jabal Al Qalaa

2- Treasure Hunt in village in Al Gour

3- Renovations of a Women’s Center  in Gaza Camp

OK for those of you that read my post about my birthday celebrations and want to partake I have an update. There is a lot of coordination and collaboration involved in making these things happen so I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in joining me and more importantly those of you helping me make my thirty second birthday a celebration of us rather than me. And so here are the various events and ideas that all or any of you can help in and by doing so give me a fantastically rewarding birthday:


  1. Jabal Al Qalga Kite making and flying with the kids of the neighborhood with Hamzet Wasel Initiative
  2. Renovating and fixing of Women’s Center in Gaza Camp in Jerash with V-team Initiative
  3. Undecided event with Zikra Initiative
  4. Buy a tree and plant it in Palestine with APN – Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (http://www.apnature.org)
  5. Give me your old clothes, recyclable paper, tins and plastic and I will send them to a community center or the recycling center
  6. And finally for those that just want to hang out a walk in Jabal Amman and a walk in Jabal Al Weibeh (two of my favorite places in the city) the weekend following my birthday



I will post more info these initiatives and events and include dates, times, places and costs this coming week. And for those of you on Facebook I will create events for them. All are welcome even if I don’t know you and you want to do these things Ahlan Wa Sahlan.

Today I turn 31. Today is the start of my fourth decade. Last year I celebrated the ending of a decade by partying and traveling and living it up. This year I have opted to make relaxation the order of the day. And perhaps the year. I started the day with a relaxing couple of hours at a spa. Followed by a table full of home cooked mouth watering dishes. A nap came soon after. And now sunset at my favorite spot. Later tonight dinner with a friend. I think that today was a celebration of self in every sense. The soul, the spirit, the body and the mind were all pampered. I think this is a great way to start the year and the decade.  

I also want to take the time to thank each and everyone who remembered me today. Whether it was a phone call, an SMS, an email, a message or a wall post. The positive energy has completely engulfed me. It is lovely seeing such expressions of friendship. And I must say at this point despite the downsides of Facebook, it has at least allowed people to remember each other on their birthdays and connected them like no other tool.

I will be blogging later about standing at this junction in my life, but for now, I am going to enjoy the day and say thank you once again to all those lovely people out there celebrating with me even in thought.