I came into the office only to find the package on my desk. I ripped it open to find a small blue box. Inside it was the new Nokia C7, my new and first smart phone. I was hesitant as I opened it up and explored the new device.  It was on loan to me from a company that would like feedback on the phone.  And so this was a safe way for me to explore the world of smart phones without making a heavy investment.


Back to the phone, I quickly put it down as I was at work and things were not going to be as easy as they looked. I needed to move my contacts from an LG to the Nokia and they don’t talk! The Bluetooth was not compatible- at least I couldn’t figure it out and that is the assumption I made.


I then looked in the box to try and find a manual and there wasn’t one. What there is, is a user guide built into the menu. Now if you are dinosaur like I am, you would prefer paper but I appreciate that the saving of paper. BTW- this could just be because it’s an evaluation model and not in its original packaging. I could be wrong.


So it took me a couple of days to figure out the phone, how to use it, how to connect it and download the applications I like (reads angry birds J), get connected and well start enjoying life with a smart phone.

Have I been converted, well I do enjoy like in the connected lane, do I want it as a lifestyle… I wont lie, I am enjoying it and well I think I will buy a new smart phone come April.