The 10 Commandments of Public Speaking

Yesterday I had the pleasure to give a short session about public speaking at Nasawiya. During the session I basically condensed some 10 years of experience into 10 commandments and explained what they meant.  It was an enjoyable session that was also video recorded so I hope to share some of the video with you once I get my hands on it. Until then here are the 10 commandments and below you will be able ot download the presentation I used. I’m sharing it under a creative commons license so feel free to use it, enjoy it and don’t forget to credit itJ

The 10 Commandments of Public Speaking

1.       Thou shall prepare and practice

2.       Thou shall be organized

3.       Thou shall control nervousness

4.       Thou shall open strongly

5.       Thou shall use vocal variety

6.       Thou shall use body language

7.       Thou shall give a KISS

8.       Thou shall use visual aids wisely

9.       Thou shall listen actively

10.   Thou shall end strongly

And here is the full presentation 10 Commandments of Public Speaking

Happy speaking and if you need to get any help with a presentation or speech drop me a line at sallyshalabi [at] yahoo [dot] com.