The past couple of weeks have been very interesting here in Jordan. People are angry but they cant seem to sustain that feeling, or strategically turn it into action. Or thats what it seems like when one day you hear happy honking and then next you hear “angry” discourse. The thing is its the Asian Cup right now and that is smack in the middle of  the planned a day of Anger. Fantastic, but wait we can’t seem to agree to all go out in unity so we are divided. But then forget all of that because our national team has just won a football game. And seeing as how our track record is not the best, this is a big achievement and so everyone is out on the streets celebrating. So how does one have a day of anger and yet had been celebrating the win of our national team? And even if the wave of anger continues, the football team does it again and wins… woohoo GO JORDAN. and we are out celebrating again. I think its very difficult and perhaps even schizophrenic of us to be out celebrating our national team, and be bursting with national pride and yet be angry at our nation state all in the span of 24 hours. And so if the government is to be smart, I would say they would invest in  the Jordanian National Football  and make sure it keeps winning… because nothing puts bread on the table like a good Jordanian goal!


And for all those wonderful political analysts out there that will jump at my words and tell me that the situation is more complicated than that… I know this is only one of many factors about what is happening here… and I’m just saying… YAY FOOTBALL!