Friends, foes, colleagues, lovers and fighters, it is an exciting time in my life as big changes have been happening and continue to happen. Throughout this year I have transitioned from being a full time employee to a community organizer and volunteer whilst I freelance on the side. But alongside that other changes are in the works.

It saddens me that I will be leaving Amman when a lot of the work I am doing is gaining momentum. But the next step is just as exciting. I will be traveling, and soon. These travels will take me to Bahrain and then Lebanon. I don’t know for how long I will be gone, but it will be at least 4- 5 months. I do know I would love to see and interact with you before then. I want to tie any lose ends, see all the wonderful people around me and give everyone a big hug before I go.

Call me, email me for a coffee, a hug, a walk, a chat… and make sure it’s before November 7 otherwise it will be months.