Its been a while since I stood before an Ocean, the last time I did I had felt so heavy. It was a dark night on a beach that stretched 6 KM of the southern coast of Sri Lanka. As I stood before the ocean, I felt rooted at my spot. I wanted to go in, but I knew I was heavy. Neptune was very compelling and I stood there for a long long time in the dark silence, only the surf was talking, it spoke on Neptune’s behalf whispering “walk in, come in, come play with us”. It was a night in which I knew if I walked in I would never walk out.

But tonight it was different. This time the waves were happy, they came up and gently kissed my feet. Saying hello and welcome. I responded with smiles and playful walking up and down the shore, following the light lapping of the surf. It was calming, light and quiet. It was happy. I want to go back in the morning to catch the sun come up over that beautiful gulf.