I was in the US last month and it had been 5 years since I last went. I knew I was apprehensive about being in the US and I still have not had time to reflect deeply on my experience but here are some impressions and personal opinions on things I liked and didn’t like while on my trip. This list is not definitive or set in stone, feel free to share anything you like or don’t like about the US, and maybe on my next trip I’ll watch out for these things.

I like I no like
The Subway – and I aint talking about the sandwich How fast everyone is trying to get somewhere – even if it is nowhere – they never arrive
The Met – its huge and parts of it boring but you can easily get lost for hours inside Stepford wives/ office workers/ shoppers… etc. It’s a bit scary
The fact that museums in DC are free- YAY Smithsonian The food – doesn’t matter what the cuisine is – its too much and too rich
The diversity in DC and NY in tongues, shapes and sizes Lines – lines everywhere – I like organized chaos, not straight lines they are too boring
But my number one favorite thing in the US is TOILET SEAT COVERS! Available in most public bathrooms woohoo Airport security- enuf said!