I feel I have to share this as it shocked me so much when it happened. Flying in to JFK this weekend the pilot rocked as he arrived 40 min ahead of schedule landing at 5:20 am woohoo right? Wrong!

Apparently, and despite JFK being an international airport, we were not allowed to leave the plane until 6:00 am. The reason being that there was no customs staff and the airplane doors cannot be opened unless there is a customs officer.

This surprised me and shocked me because here we are in dinky tiny Jordan, a developing country, with an international airport that is open and fully operational 24/7; I’ve flown into various airports all over the world at odd hours and not so odd hours and this had never happened before. Yet here we have a massive, international airport in a major city in the US which could not accept an incoming international flight. And to add insult to injury, they had to make the passengers wait on the cramp crowded plane, we were already on for 11 hours and additional 40 minutes! How does that happen? You’d think NYC gets more air traffic than Amman and so would have even more reason to stay open and operational everyday, all day?

Anyways, we disembarked, got checked through immigration and cleared customs quiet easily after the delay, and so started my week long venture into Obamaland.