How many times have you shied away from doing something because you were afraid of the outcome? You were afraid to take a chance? What about the other extreme of that, how many times have you jumped, feet first, into things without thought to the consequences? Which one of these types are you?


As for myself I am somewhere in the middle. There are things that I jump into very quickly and take the risks. In those I have lost and I have won. In all cases I have learned and moved forward. Its funny, I am not afraid to tell someone I like them, ask them out on a date, or go out on that limb where you never know if the branch will fall from under you or not. I am not ashamed or embarrassed about making a fool of myself in public (think karaoke). I am not afraid to ask people personal questions, and I fully expect to be told its none of my business. And some of my most rewarding and biggest learning experiences have been because of these jumps


In other areas of my life I have been so hesitant even paralyzed with inaction. Is the comfort zone we don’t want to leave? Is the fear of the unknown? Or is it pure laziness? I think its all the above and then some.


We are fearful and fearless creatures rolled into one. I have seen myself perform in the most difficult situations and rise. I have seen myself take personal risks that make me vulnerable and prevail. I have seen myself laugh at myself and enjoy it. Being brave in these things have meant that I got to explore things I would have otherwise just wondered about. I have been able to move beyond the thought to action. And it is such a freeing experience, even if the outcome is not as positive as one would like.


The other side of that is the one in me that is constantly questioning and stalling in a zone that is wonderfully comfortable. One where I late fate take over instead of being in control of my fate; that way at least I can shrug my shoulders and blame it on the cosmos. I don’t like this side of me. I have started to change that slowly this year. Standing up to myself proves to be the toughest stance I have ever had to take. Getting out of my compliance and moving forward from laziness, comfort, insecurity, inaction, fear is one of my biggest challenges. I have to over come these hurdles and who knows where I will end up.


This takes guts, discipline, action, and support. I want to be able to jump in all areas of my life. I know that there are some jumps that will require some planning, others that I will do with a quick look over the ledge and others still that I will dive into. In all cases whether I land on my feet, my hear or my ass, I want to be able to look back at my life and see that when I needed to, I had the guts to plunge, and you can keep the glory, that’s not why I am jumping!