It’s been one hell of a month. Murphy ’s Law came into play on numerous occasions in all areas of my life too. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Let’s hope that the run of bad luck ends with the end of the month if not sooner. There should be no more twists and turns in the road cause I am pretty exhausted from all that is happening.

Let me recap just a little of this month for you. My plants were on a suicide mission, they did not respond to any TLC I gave them. Now I know my limitations and I know not to even pretend to know anything about plants, and I would never dream of buying any for myself. Yet I still tried for 3 months to look after them (they were a birthday gift). I finally decided to give them away before there was no hope of resuscitation. They now live with someone else who hopefully can revive them and make them live a long green life… away from me.

Away from plants and on to easy access to my home, or not! I lost two copies of my house key this month. How dumb do you have to be to lose not one but two sets of keys?! The first set was retrievable, but the second set … well I lost them for good it seems. Luckily I always have a spare hiding somewhere.

And please don’t get me started on work. Boy oh boy did things go crazy for a while there. Unhappy participants, uncooperative clients, deadlines missed, guests at inopportune times, missed meetings (despite being there), conflict, incidents… name it and it happened this month.

But the icing on the cake has been this past week. And this is where Karma delivered its strongest blow. Someone passed on their sore throat bugs, which developed into a chest infection. That was the beginning of the week, the middle of the week I singed my arm and facial hairs in a little accident with an oven. Granted it was my stupidity but first degree burns are still not cool, especially when you re forced to stay indoors away from the sun. And at the end of the week I twisted my back out of shape and ended up with a terrible back ache that won’t go away. And I wont tell you what time of the month it is. Four in one was this week. I have seen more doctors this past week than I usually do all year.

Looking back it seems that every week had a theme this month. I am a bit concerned that there is still one more week to go, but I have my fingers (burned and normal) crossed for some smooth sailing. I really think that whatever debt I owe Karma has been paid. How it can get worse? I have a friend I was talking to who said to relax, since it can’t get worse, it can only get better. I sure hope so, coz I’m done for the month. So Karma please cut me some slack and stop being a nasty bitch to me, I really have been a good girl.