After a concert was concluded in downtown Amman a man opened fire and shot some of the musicians as they were leaving the location. Four Lebanese musicians were shot with varying degrees of injuries.

Tomorrow perhaps will bring clarity but right now the only facts we have are 3 vicitims in Al Khalidi hospital , 1 in AL Basheer hospital, and  the shooter is dead. The victims are all lebanese musicians who have preformed earlier that evening in the Roman Theater. Everything else is speculation and hearsay so far. The source a Jordanian musician checking on his friends in the hospital.

Why this has happened no one knows as of yet. My reaction is two fold OUTRAGE and sadness. I am outraged at the sensless violence taking place. I dont know the reason for the shoot and I dont think there is a justifiable cause no matter what anyone says. The shooter is dead so we really cant ask him. I am sad for all the victims in this incident including this poor country held hostage to every violent whim as it struggles to get on its feet. I am tired of all these random or not so random acts of violence.

Is it going to be safe to go to concerts now? What about downtown can you take people there now? Is it safe to walk? are we going to over react to this or brush it under the carpet?