I love to travel. It’s a well known fact about me. I’m always ready to hit the road to go just about anywhere. I started traveling alone at 16 and haven’t stopped since. I’ve been to places near and far and on my wall I have a big huge map of the world that ever so often I look at and think of the places I want to go, the things I want to do and the sights I want to see. In the last 15 years or so every time I have travelled I have planned. And like the song says I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway.


I am a planner through and through. When I travel I like to research, think things through and figure out a plan before I take my first step. I usually have one big trip every year and that trip is planned months in advance. From destination, tickets, accommodations, guide books, weather, packing and all. I think of these things for months. Some of these things I plan well in advance others as the time gets nearer. Sometimes I plan piecemeal one leg of the journey at a time, fleshing out the details as I go. But the fact remains I always have a plan. 


Or so I thought. Slowly things are changing. I am not sure why. Today I travel and the only thing I know is where I am sleeping tonight. What happens this weekend is a big black hole and it’s exhilarating in a way. I am going with out a plan and no details on getting from place to place. Navigating my way through borders, checkpoints, roads, people, languages and events will be fun. I have no idea what to expect will happen and where I will end up. And what’s funny is I am not worried about it in the least.


I think that what has happened is experience. Life and travel have taught me much and I know that in the end, with common sense, a sense of humor, and patience things always work out and they work out for the best. Life is wonderfully full of amazing surprises, twists and turns that not everything has to be prescribed and chartered. So wish me luck on my travels. I’ll write more from my unplanned, uncharted course and tell you how things go from the land of ambiguity.