ADD for those of you that don’t know is Attention Deficiency Disorder. Why I bring this up is because we all suffer from it one way or another. In today’s modern life of overstimulation you can’t not be afflicted with ADD, or as me and my friends call it Goldfish Syndrome.

Easily distracted by anything shiny, colorful or just moving is the most obvious symptom. Its easy to spot with me because halfway through a conversation my eyes wander elsewhere, and my attention switches to whatever caught it. We always catch each other and laugh out goldfish… and I am usually guilty as charged, shamelessly I might add!

But it is hard to laugh it off when it is Social ADD and it is constantly happening in settings such as socializing with non goldfish friends. Social ADD, in my opinion, is when I am out somewhere and there are four or five groups of friends who I want to be with, all are having interesting conversations I want to be a part of. SO what happens? Mid conversation I will switch topics, walk over to other people, or start day dreaming and stop listening. Its not that the persons I am talking to aren’t interesting, far from it. Its just social GS and I have no focus. It doesn’t matter how stimulating anyone or any topic is… I have no control over my wandering interests.

It is a bit embarrassing, as my behavior can come across as rude. But I cant help it. I’m a compulsive socializer with ADD, add sugar to the mix and I am all over the place. So please don’t take offense if I am distracted mid sentence, or I interrupt you, or I even walk off… in fact call me on it, all you have to say is goldfish.