Last night I had a wonderful evening of poetry, music and art. It was a very rich evening each event was eloquent in its own right. The first event was held at Cup n Kilos as part of their cultural festival. It was a poetry reading accompanied by saxophone. The poet was Jumana Mustafa and she was accompanied Eyas Al Ghol who later played a selection of his own compositions. I then headed to the French Cultural Center to the opening of an art exhibition by Alma Khasawneh entitled “up close”.

It was a very enriching evening and I must say that I was lucky to be able to attend both in their entirety. Last summer I noticed that Amman has become very rich culturally with music, poetry, forums, plays, art, dance and much more. So rich that in the spring and summer we actually have choices and sometimes these choices are very difficult. Where one goes and what one chooses for enrichment is now much more varied and interesting with local, regional and international talents. Gone are the days when it was just the Jerash festival that we had to wait for every summer. Our thirst is now being quenched and it is such a sweet honeyed drink.

Selecting what to see and which events to participate in means that there is choice in personal development. Our tastes, which are varied and wide can now be accommodated rather than one or two being imposed. Amman is a city that is going through a cultural revival, and it shows. I hope my choices wont be too hard this summer as I want to do it all, like I did yesterday for I love to my soul.