We are all born with the right to self determination. Or so I like to think . So what is it that makes us afraid to exercise that right? Why are the most important decisions we need to make the ones we keep putting off?



I know I have many fears and as much as I like change and go for it, true fundamental change is something I truly fear. Let me give you an example or two. Last year I had physical change every two months, I would dye my hair every two months. I went through so many colors and physical changes, it wasn’t even funny. Even today, five months after my last dye job I still don’t really know what my natural color is anymore. But when it comes to life altering decisions I take a back seat, living situations, love, work, and such I may mentally go through the process of choosing change but never really carry through with the actions needed. I fear loss, failure, rejection, depression…etc. I was and still am afraid.


But last week I did something. I did something so important to who and what I am and it has made all the difference. Last week I started a dialogue, a process, which will change what I do, and maybe how I do it. I started a dialogue about my future with my boss. It may seem like its something small but its not, not for me in anyway. The future is one of the scariest things for me to take charge of and be in control of my path. I went in to my boss’s office and pretty much told her I am in a funk. I need change, I need growth and I need to shift focus.  Mind you I love where I am and the organization I am with, but we need to make changes if I am to stay and so the dialogue has started. I exercised my right to self determination.

I took the gamble and lost nothing. Lets hope it doesn’t take me a year and half to make any other changes or take actions that are necessary. Exercising the right to self determination is a feeling of control, satisfaction, of action. I encourage you all to exercise the right of self determination that only you can, because time flies whether or not you are having fun.