I have a couple of friends who are confined to their home for various reasons and its seems cabin fever gets to you after a while. To some it comes faster than others. But it got me thinking about confinement and what it means. And the thought that keeps reoccurring is that you may confine a body but not the mind. This statement is easier said than practiced. Looking at our lives today and how fast paced and moving they are we can not be still for even a second it seems.  


I look at my life and I know that I have to be out in the daylight, out with people, out on the go constantly. When I do sit still and in one place I am usually outdoors and outside looking at nothing and letting my mind go. So what would I do if I were confined to my home for a prolonged period of time? 


I think at first there would be restlessness. I know that I would want to go out and do things. But after settling down and watching all the DVDs I have and reading my books and playing sudoku. I think I would attack my domestic chores and nest. Basically going towards creating an environment that I would want to stay in and be in a state of equilibrium in. After nesting I would think that I would have to start stilling my mind and allowing it to focus on being outside the space without leaving it. Whether it is through an expression of words, color, arts, music or what have you.

I think that combating cabin fever and dealing with confinement of any sort requires a lot of discipline, as well as an ability to be by oneself for long periods of time. These two qualities are hard to come by these days. Our world today is one of instant satisfaction and constant stimulation. We want to call someone and reach them now. We want to watch a show and we want to watch it now. We want to order something and we want it now… think cell phones, internet, DVDs, drive thru fast food…etc. And let’s not forget the constant beeping, buzzing, moving, or happening all the time. Will we ever be able to pass one day in stillness anymore?