Life teaches us a lot of lessons from the day we open our eyes and scream out our first cry till the day we die. Being open to life’s lessons and learning is a quality I like to think I possess. Reflecting back over my life in the past 30 years I think I have learned a few things and here are some of them:

1-      Life is tough, but the human spirit is tougher.

2-      There is always a silver lining; you just have to look very hard.

3-      Finding out who you are is a continuous journey into oneself, and it is the hardest journey one can take.

4-       Being directionless is a direction that lets you go places you would have otherwise ignored.

5-      Love does exist, and it hits you when you least expect it (thanks cupid!).

6-      Being true to yourself and who you are makes you sleep a lot better at night then awaking up to living a life that isn’t yours.

7-      The world is a beautiful place waiting to be explored.

8-      You can make a difference one person and one step at a time.

9-      I am not a superhero and its OK J

10-   We are all weird and I love it.


I wonder what you have learned in your life journey? I would love to talk to you about it and share your ideas and thoughts on life, learning and living.