I saw a movie, an independent Jordanian movie. It was short and tackled a very important topic. Femicide: the killing of female babies. This is a very important subject and I commend the two young ladies behind this film. However, I left more than disgruntled from the film. Now I know this was no documentary and had no illusions of trying to be one. But I really think that more could have been done to deliver the message, as I couldn’t see one.


The film’s story was weak, I really couldn’t understand why a woman, who happily discussed having boys and girls with her husband to be, later buries her daughter in the absence of her husband. Had there been a conflict between the husband and wife, an explanation in dialogue about the reasons for the practice, anything to explain the behavior other than an aunt wishing the woman boys and not girls, I think I would have left a bit more satisfied with the film. 


Bu the film did have text citing facts about the matter at the end, but even these were too fast and I could never finish one screen before the next flickered on the screen. I would love to see the dialogue or the plot reworked to include more context instead of a happy couple followed by a single woman burying a child, without conflict, strife, or cultural subtext. I say this because this is not a common issue in our society nowadays. It has no background here and to portray an incomplete picture I think does not do this topic any justice.


Finally I would like to commend the filmmakers on the positive imagery of women when they show the potential of each girl and what she can aspire to be, away from traditional gender roles. So well done on that Batoul.