The prices have gone up. We are all feeling the crunch. I noticed it immediately with the commute to work and how my transportation costs went up by at least 15%. I also eat out a lot and the prices there have gone up by at least 20%. The electricity bill has sky rocketed because we can’t really afford to buy diesel anymore and if we do we use it frugally. I have yet to go grocery shopping but I fear the worst there. Will this stop or is there more to come? And I haven’t even spoken about surcharges or taxes.

A lot of my behavior is going to change in the coming months. Things I took for granted and spending without thought are behaviors of the past. Today, before I open my purse I think twice and thrice. But I am still very privileged. I can make these choices. What about the poor?

I have heard stories of shoes being stolen from mosques to burn as fuel. I have heard stories of child prostitution late at night. I have heard grumblings from all around. I have heard of farmers who have given up on their crops because they cant afford to water them anymore. The result? Everyone is trying to make an extra shilling from everyone. People are even complaining about a difference of three piasters now; The three piasters may not hold a lot of value, they sure do make a difference.

We are in a situation that will explode if the people are asked to give one more thing. There is nothing left for us but to sell our souls, and hike up our skirts if anything else goes up. AND IT WILL. Something’s gotta give and I don’t know what it is. I am not an economist, but whether it is to divorce the weakening dollar, increase wages and not marginally and insignificantly, and infuse the economy in a way that does not depend on handouts, something’s gotta give and soon.  I don’t want to see our skirts being hiked up in anyway.