I’ve fallen ill. It started with a sore throat and ended in bed. How weak we great humans are in the face of tiny micro-orgasmic germs. They attack us and make the mighty fall. When I was younger this little cold would not see me in bed; for in sickness and in health I would battle the world. But today… 

Today I rest, I drink tea, vitamin C and plenty of soup. I sit on a couch consuming pop culture, and via remote control I manage small forays into the world. As much as I like loafing around this sniffling and sneezing take all the joy out of laziness. The aching joints and tired muscles cry for rest and I can do nothing but give it. Even the mind that is active is dulled; cloudy, foggy and in a daze, where up is down and down is up.

How I hate to be sick. To be couch bound without choice. I hope the running of my nose dries soon and the wetness of my raw throat returns. The clarity of thought too, should come back. But in all honesty, in both sickness and in health, the mind is never clear.

ntil I am well and off my couch I will consume pop culture, hot tea and vitamins galore. Until I am well, I may write some more, or not?!