There is a ritual to opening a new pack of cigarettes. You unwrap the box, after packing the cigarettes hard, by tapping the box on your wrist. You opening the box, pulling out the foil wrinkling it and throwing it away. You taking out the first cigarette, lightning it and with that deep first drag is a look of satisfaction and a smile of bliss on your face. I know this because I used to be a smoker. But I quit nine years ago and I enjoy being smoke free. But it bugs me when smokers think they have more considerations than nonsmokers.

Let me explain, if there is a smoker in the group then we have to sit in the smoking section. If it is a nonsmoking environment, like a mall or office building, then the smokers will light up. If the smoker wants to go to a designated smoking section then some will light up on the way, not willing to wait the few minutes it takes to get there. If a smoker on a nonsmoking bus wants to light up they will, they cant wait the 4 hours to get to the destination (think Aqaba Trust bus), even when the bus attendant and bus driver ask them to refrain from smoking. The examples are many and I would like to know why do smokers think its OK?

As a nonsmoker I have the right to enjoy our outing as much as smokers. If I want to sit in the non smoking section and smokers want the smoking section why does the compromise always happen on our part? Is it a desire that we all suffer and that we all become passive smokers. A lot of the smokers I know light up without regard to those around them and it is only after the cigarette is burning and the smoke is in my face that they realize of wait here is a non smoker that doesn’t like this. I can’t wait for the day that restaurants and bars becoming non smoking places, and we can walk in to places without their being a great foggy cloud of smoke hanging in the air.