Written: July 8, 2007
We’re all guilty of it. I have yet to see one profile without one of these applications if not all of them. I know I have three applications to tell me what my fortune is everyday. And lets not forget the coffee cup, palm, and card readings we’ve all had.What am I looking for? What do I want to find? I tell myself it is just entertainment. But it isn’t just me. We all want that crystal ball that will tell us what to do, where to go from here, what the future holds, don’t we?

I still remember one of my earliest readings. It was by a Sri Lankan woman who read both my palms and my feet. She told me that I was very smart and head strong, she then pointed to everyone in the room and said I would be richer than all of them put together. I was a teenager back then. I look back and well yes I am head strong, but richer, well, let me put it this way: I am richer in spirit and experience. One of my last readings was in Bangkok, in which through numerology I was told that my coming years.. well here is what he said “30 good, 31 better, 32 BETTTTTER, good money, good job, good lover”. It’s an entertaining story if you haven’t heard it already, and well if you had my 28th and 29th years ANYTHING would be better than those two years. So I guess he wasn’t off the mark.

I read people’s coffee cups sometimes, its really interesting to see how people (myself included when it’s the reverse) will listen, try to interpret the words to suit the circumstances, will hold on with hope for the right words to come out of the tellers mouth. All of us looking for a clue, a sign to help us wade through life. I think it’s a need to reaffirm, but reaffirm what? I don’t know but I know I am getting my Tarot Cards read this week. Let’s hope it’s a good reading, after all my fortune cookie tells me I will have extremely good luck.