I have a tailor in Jabal Amman, and I love dealing with him. He does alterations and fixes the odds and ends of clothes that need an extra stitch. What’s special about this man is not his tailoring but rather his method of communication.

When I walk through his door I neither knock nor call out, but rather I appear before him. In complete and comfortable silence we sign and gesture through pleasantries, needs and deadlines. When I leave we both have smiles on our faces. If you haven’t guessed my tailor is a deaf mute.

Every visit to his shop is a relaxing experience in silence. We communicate the necessary and so the relationship we share is simple, straight forward, easy, and honest. There is no fuss, no pretentiousness. We are friends without knowing each other’s names and in that anonymity there is a familiarity that I love.  In our silences there is ease. I enjoy visiting my tailor in Jabal Amman and the big smile in his eyes when I visit reflects the same J, so here is to the tailor of Jabal Amman.