The smoke of a hubbly bubbly is a sweet smelling heady haze. Smoking a hukka I blow out circles of smoke, the circles immediately get lost in the thick air. Now if you know anything about me you know I don’t smoke, so what is this contradiction in behavior. My only response is I am chasing circles in smoke.

The smoke circles are like the thoughts floating in my head. I try to chase these circles, watching them as they move farther and farther away, getting bigger, distorting into the ether. Like my thoughts these circles are many and intertwined within each other. One leads to the other to the other forming a chain of smoky thoughts floating higher and disappearing in a puff as a new one is formed.

The smoke of a hubbly bubbly can either give you a nice buzz or a massive headache. The thoughts in my head do the same. Yet as I chase smoke circles trying to capture the lightness of being, my wandering mind too, when working well that is also helps calm me by putting me in a positive state of mind. So you are welcome to chase my circles both of smoke and rhetoric with me anytime anywhere, and perhaps we will get lost in the headiness of it all.