This weekend I indulged and still am indulging in some much needed escapism. Escaping my reality has been something I have been doing since I could remember. As I grow older though it keeps getting harder. 

So what is it I am trying to escape and how? I’ll answer the second part of that question first. There were and still are many forms of escape for me. Reading and getting lost in a good book, becoming the characters, taking on the plot and getting totally immersed in it is one form. Turning up the music and letting it wash over you, happy music, sad music, dancing music all of it works. Walking or dancing to physical exhaustion. Socializing and getting lost in other people’s lives and issues instead of your own. Working and being totally engrossed in something that is not you. Writing it may not be a full escape but it works to help work things out. And many other forms of escapism that I am sure you are all familiar with including mood altering substances like chocolate. 

To answer the first part of the question, I am running away from my reality. There is nothing really wrong with my reality. In fact, I am quiet privileged in many ways. So why is it I indulge this habit of mine? Why is I am always running away? 

When I look at the things I did to escape and try to do the same now it is no longer enough. Thankfully I found my escapism this weekend at the bottom of a glass and on a dance floor, a day trip to sit in the sun in tranquility, some nesting, and a hubbly bubbly. I dread the day when that wont be enough. Just like today books, movies and music can no longer offer the stillness of mind and the escape I seek anymore.