I used to be a sun worshipper. This was a few years back. I stopped after I had an incident with a mole. Since then I’ve limited my consumption of the sun’s rays. But damn it, there is something so relaxing about just sitting in the sun’s arms for hours. Its one of life’s simple pleasures. 

Our winter has not fully set in. We get brutally cold nights, off set by the lovely winter sun during the day. The sun shines bright and strong, giving warmth when the temperature only wants to drop. In Amman you can find many oases to sit and bask in the warm sun, with a cup of coffee. And that’s what I did yesterday. 

The warmth lulls my mind and body. My muscles loosen and I am in a lovely, calm state of being. I constantly close my eyes and lift my face to the sun, paying homage to its glory. 

I miss worshipping the sun and spending hours soaking in its rays. But my mind tells me no, and this is one battle where my mind will win over my heart.