Today my brother and I decided to go to the museums that are situated at the King Hussein Park. We first walked in to the Royal Automobile Museum, there we spent about an hour and a half walking between polished and gleaming cars that date as far back as the 1930s. The cars present not just a simple history of automobiles but also are an insightful look at Jordanian history. Its is fascinating learning about the royal family, Jordan and cars through these machines and what they represented. The museum is well organized and is self guided with audio, visual, and video supplementary guides. I really enjoyed it.


We then walked to see the Children’s Museum. This was the whole point of the excursion. I was so excited about visiting this museum. I had heard only good things about the Children’s Museum. As we walked up to the counter to get our tickets we were promptly told that we were too old to go in unaccompanied. Yes we need to have a child under 13 to go in to the museum. We were also told that this was a place of learning and we need to have a child who wants to learn to enter.


I couldn’t believe my ears! Yes I am fully aware that it is a Children’s museum, and it is geared towards children, but to exclude adults did not make sense to me. This was the most absurd thing I have ever heard. How can you bar entry to a public place such as a museum, a museum of learning nonetheless solely based on the fact that I am too old. I was in no mood to argue or fuss today and so I just walked away from the place disappointed but if I were to give the Children’s Museum staff a piece of my mind I think I would say something along these lines: This is a public place, a museum. This is a place where education is a top priority; this should be accessible to everyone of any age, background, or gender without discrimination. Learning knows no age limit. As an adult I find it insulting that you do not think I am responsible enough to enjoy the museum. And finally adults all have inner children that should be indulged, who are you to say I have no inner child and can not appreciate and explore with wonder what you have to offer.

I guess inner children don’t count anymore and that makes my inner child very very sad. I was really excited about seeing, learning and exploring such a highly esteemed institute. It is such a shame that they are such ageists.