We have all received them those lovely letters that declare love, friendship, and eternal bonds, good fortune or bad… blah blah blah blah! Don’t you hate those chain letters, messages, Facebook posts…etc.? They are everywhere, and it’s annoying.

I remember being a child and receiving them in my school bag, let there anonymously and even as a child I was unimpressed. I played the game once or twice handwriting the 10 copies that we were supposed to send out before bad luck befalls us, or wait for our true love to reveal themselves. Today they have become a bit more sophisticated with issue relating to health, internet viruses, wealth and even Microsoft shutting down. 

What amazes me is the fact that so many adults continue to press the forward button and send these annoyances into the world. Well the letters die here. Any chain letter sent to me no matter how mushy, cute or touching comes to its final resting place with me, the recycle bin. If something is legitimate I don’t need something devised by a complete stranger being sent enmass from stranger to stranger to stranger until it reaches someone I know and I receive it! If I want to express anything I can do it for my self thank you very much. 

To all my wonderful friends who keep sending me that crap, know that I love you dearly, but I will NOT send back a friendship chain or forward any hacker, virus, money racket letters, or any mushy made up stories about cancer or otherwise. You can continue to send them even though I vehemently detest them (yes I am aware that these are very strong words), but they will not be returned no matter how special you are. So I love you dearly but cut the crap, and don’t feel the need to send this on.