I wrote about a month ago about running and again I make the distinction that it isn’t physical running. Just to put things in context I wrote about running toward things or away from them. I bring this up because I went through an exercise with a couple of friends where they critiqued me. The criticism lead me to realize something fundamental about how I function or view things.  

I have always thought that I am an away person because I had nothing to run to. My goal setting skills were never their best growing up. But reflecting back, and through other people’s eyes, I have become more aware of how goal oriented I am, and how driven. In fact what I usually attribute to luck and destiny could only happen through the hard work and effort I put in to achieve the things I have. 

This year also saw my first conscious long term decision go from concept to implementation. I am becoming more aware of the fact that I move towards aspirations rather than away from matters. It’s very empowering to realize this and fulfilling. I very much like this state of affairs than the oblivious random floating through time and space that I had done before, even though it was not oblivious or random in hindsight. 

Self awareness is so powerful if it is used to better one’s self. That is the state I am in, and have been for about a year now. I have allowed myself to be human, I have allowed my self to consciously grow in directions I had feared before, and I have tried to align who I am with who I aspire to be. The journey is ever so much sweeter with all the introspection and inward reflection.