Last night I was out dancing. I had initially planned for a short night, which meant being in bed by 1 am. What happened was as usual unplanned, spontaneous and a lot of fun. And if you are wondering, I got home past 3:00 am and only got to bed at around 4:00 am. 

I danced with a lot of friends. One of our friends is youngster, he is 21 years old. I mention this because the second DJ put on some 80’s music and the poor kid floundered. There is a whole generation out there in the clubs that is oblivious to the wonderful music of the 80’s. The old fogies like me were singing our hearts out and dancing like no one was watching. But trust me plenty were, and they were laughing, but we did not give a damn! We enjoyed the music, the lyrics and the energy. However, there were a whole lot of wallflowers, standing around not knowing what to do. 

I blame this on EDM, Electronic Dance Music. It uses so few lyrics and is a series of Bam Bam Bam. It deadens any sense of rhythm, beat and lyrics. It is monotonous and the current trend is to jump the night away and bob up and down. Mind you I do this too and I enjoy it. I do find it funny though when the young ones in the crowd come up to me and say teach me how to dance to this music. And mind you… I am not the best dancer out there. 

I think there should be more 80s music. It should come back and we should dance the night way, with complete and utter abandon, singing along and having the time of our life for we can’t dance without music.