Yesterday while heading to a meeting early in the morning I saw wonderful men in orange taking down the propaganda that was put up for elections. What a joyous sight finally the ugly unruly beard of Amman is being shaved and the moustaches are being taken down. 

Looking back at the whole upheaval that was the elections I can safely say that the campaigns were ineffective, the voter turn out expected and the result not very surprising. I know I participated actively in the decision making process, however I feel we are still a long ways away from being able to make our participation meaningful. We still vote for our neighbor, relative or whomever the men in the family are voting for. We do not take agendas or track records into account, and I think that we do not really act as responsible citizens who hold their MPs accountable. When we start participating in political life effectively then maybe the debacle that was the elections will be more meaningful and the results positively surprising. 

Until that time comes I am very happy the men in orange are out there returning my city to its former quietness.