T’was the day of elections and the streets were buzzing. Well some of them at least. There were campaigners out trying to sway last voters in the last minute. People were crushing to get into at the polling station. And where was I? I was headed to a café to work, play and have breakfast.

I am abstaining. The decision to abstain is one I took a long time ago. I am making this decision based on two things. The first is I live in a district but am registered to vote in another. I tried to change the district with proof of residence however it seemed harder than you’d think. And so after much deliberation and effort I was unable to register to vote in MY district. So why should I bother? 

I should do my civic duty is the answer that comes to mind, to make a difference, to ensure that the right people with the right agendas get into parliament. Yeah well… no! I have not seen one campaign ad that has caught my attention, or made me stop I wont bore you with agenda or empty slogans the streets are full of them. But looking around I could not find a person in my district that could represent me, or even show that they knews what parliament is all about. 

And so the decision to abstain is the one I have made. The question is do I abstain passively or proactively. Being passive means not to go to my polling station. Proactive on the other hand is going and submitting a no one vote! I have till 7 pm to decide.