Ok if you read my previous post you will know how stupid I feel. I was checking online to see where my polling stations are only to find out that I am actually registered in my district. After that hideously blonde moment (or blond couple of months), I decided to be proactive and go the nearest polling station. 

The station was around the corner and as I walked through the throngs of the campaigners, who left me alone because I looked like a foreigner, I stepped into the school. The men and women voted separately and so I followed the signs and went up to the polling rooms. There were several rooms dedicated to the voting. I was directed into one and there I presented my ID was identified as eligible to vote in that district, handed my ballot, shown the booth and then the box. My ID stamped and cut I was ready to leave. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I was happy to see that the polling station was calm, organized, and the process smooth and uneventful in a momentously eventful way. 

I felt very happy with myself for actually contributing to the political climate in my country. I wonder if my vote will make a difference and if that difference will be worth my 5 minutes. I wonder if the parliament we elect will be more proactive reflecting the proactiveness of the youth at the polling stations.

I am very curious to hear the statistics and breakdown of the voters and the results tomorrow. It will be an interesting day. I also look forward to the mustaches in the streets being taken down and the city return back to normal with out all the faces smiling insincerely back at me.