Yesterday was a very busy day, it took me all over the city: north, south, east and west of it. My favorite stop yesterday was the Ruwwad organization in Jabal Al Nathif. What a heartwarming place. It is a community center that really is just that. The staff are very welcoming, the kids are so open and the whole place was buzzing with positive energy, despite the destitute location and situations of the people. Everyone I encountered had a beautiful smile. 

There was one child that sticks out in particular. He was in the office, with a children’s book, sitting on a bean bag reading. He sat there quietly fully engrossed with pages between his hands, while we discussed various orders of business. When we were done we chatted with him and after we both learned that we liked cats he brought in Termous the center’s kitten. We all played with her and took pictures. He then, with some of his friends took me on a tour of the center. Taking pride in its various facilities and showing off his art work on the walls as well as his colleagues. The Kids in the various halls were all enthusiastic to see me and we even set play dates together. 

I think the warm fuzzy feeling inside just meeting this children who are positive about life, in a place where everything was bleak, is very uplifting. Knowing that there is work like this taking place in the city, opening windows and doors that didn’t exist a few years ago is reassuring. There should be more centers, more volunteers, more hope, more color, more life. 

To Ruwaad I lift my hat up in salute. 

(I will upload some pictures soon of the visit)