It was funny, while I was away I was able to clear my mind completely of everything, well nearly everything, my favorite people were always on my mind. I had truly escaped into wonderland. I was fully absorbed with everything around me, interested in even the clouds in the sky. But the vacation ended, I came back, and reality hit my like a 10 ton train on a fast track. 

And so my approach has been to jump back into my life feet first. I jumped right back into my family life, my social life, work and obligations of all sorts. I attacked everything with a vigor and enthusiasm that I really didn’t have. No matter how hard I tried to engage myself though, I was still lagging behind. 

It’s been a week now, and in this week I went to parties, met up with friends, had a family Friday, I managed to engage myself with something or someone every night of the week. The work week was also busy with meetings, emails, planning, preparation, programs and whatever else landed in my office. But the Sri Lanka blues are still here. 

I have been able to go back to my old routines and slide seamlessly back into my life as if I never left. I feel the trip was in the far past. I also find within me a restlessness, a dissatisfaction, a lack of interest. I am not so sure what to do about it, but I think my game plan to attack this is to try and find interesting things to do and to reengage in meeting interesting people out side my regular social circles to try and add more flavor to what maybe a bit of blandness.

I hope the post vacation blues go away soon. I don’t want people to keep telling me I look tired when I am physically fine. I don’t people to tell me I look bored or disengaged, even if I am. I want to breath life back into me. I hope that I find the catalyst I am looking for soon. Until then I will keep jumping feet first into life.