We take a bus south into Tea Country. We head into Nuwara Eilya, which is around 2000 meters above sea level. The drive started with being serenaded on the bus by a guitar playing Sri Lankan Elvis. He sang and left before we started our bus ride. I was highly amused! We left Kandy and two hours later we were in Nuwara Eilya. This is tea country, beautifully terraced with mists rolling in and out all the time. 

Here we hiked, visited tea plantations, and went to yet another botanical garden which was divine. At the gardens we had a whole troupe of monkeys pass before us once again, it was a privilege to see them all just waltz by us. We also came a cross a crippled dog with the saddest eyes. She shared our picnic and followed us to the gate to bid us farewell. Had we been in Jordan I would have taken her home! We met one more creature on our way out. A little monkey perched on a garbage can eating leftover bananas. I don’t know who was more startled by the other but we both had the looks of surprise on our faces at the same time, all very amusing in hindsight lol. 

We stopped on our way back at Gamini’s family home and were welcomed into their living room where we chatted, had coffee and played with kids. The people are so welcoming and friendly. We got along well with Gamini, he was our Tuk Tuk driver. His wife had been in Lebanon for 13 years and it was so funny being handed a phone and hearing a Sri Lankan woman speaking fluent Arabic in a Lebanese accent, and for that to be followed by Arabic music in the Tuk Tuk. Amusing and surreal I would say.

We ended the day with my making an impulsive decision. I hope I wont regret it- so far I haven’t. You’ll be able to guess once you see it what the decision was. All I am going to say is that it was done the traditional way with 6 or 7 Sri Lankan men watching over me. 

We end our foray into the mountains with a hike at World’s End, for which we have to wake early (4:00 am). We slept early, which is what you do in Sri Lanka anyways, for tomorrow we walk to where the world ends.