We awoke on our first day to a different kind of alarm. We were awoken by a troupe of monkeys coming down from the forest after a night of heavy rain, forging for food. We were glued to the windows watching monkey after monkey come down over roofs and give us the best acrobatic show we’ve seen. They shimmed, walked, dangled, and jumped. Back and forth they went knowing they had an audience. Babies with and with out their mommies. I remember seeing a baby who got stuck on a cable and its mom, who was carrying another, sure footedly balanced her way on the cable to him and he just climbed up on her back. She also had a baby wrapped around her neck underneath her. 

After that incredible start we made our way to Peradinya. These are beautiful botanical gardens. OMG! We took two hours walking through, but we really could have spent the whole day there. The orchid house, the Japanese garden, the fernery, the palm court, the trees, the huge trees, the suspended bridge (which we were not supposed to be on but got a special treat from the guard), the flowers, and lets not forget the lovers. It was blissful, lovely, and so relaxing. Everywhere we looked offered a wonderful glimpse of nature. There was so much green, so much water, the air was so pure. All the senses are relaxed and in awe of the earth. 

Grudgingly we moved on to Pinnawella. There we visited the elephant orphanage. We saw babies being fed and bathed. We mingled with a whole herd of elephants, petted them and photographed them. My favorite was a one month old baby. He still had his baby fuzz, which was not fuzzy but quite coarse. He was the youngest and was very excitable. He kept dashing back and forth running around between all the adults. He was very cute. We then left to see them bathe but the currents in the river were too strong for the babies and so we missed out on that experience. I guess I have to go back again. We did however manage to buy elephant pooh in the form of paper and paper products, our souvenirs for the day. 

We had one more day in Kandy and for more on that you need to read part III.