The drive on the bus to Kandy was fun. We finally felt that we had truly started our vacation. As we escaped the city, we drove uphill. Buildings gave way to fields, forests, and villages. My eyes were glued to the window. We had a flat tire half way to Kandy and stopped to change it. People were packed on the bus like sardines, sardines with seats that is. 

We arrived in Kandy after three hours on the bus. We emerged from the calm of the bus and into the chaos of the bus station. We quickly negotiated a tuk tuk which took us to our next host. We drove up further into the hills that were dotted with houses half hidden by trees. This city is spread over hills overgrown with vegetation. 

We were welcomed into the beautiful home which we shared for one night and then we house and cat sat for two nights. Patch the cat reminded us both of our felines back home. It was fun to get a cat fix during our trip. She was a feisty and playful thing. 

We used Kandy as our base for day trips around the area, but not before we explored Kandy. The most important place to visit in Kandy is the Tooth Temple. The Tooth Temple is so called because it has Buddha’s tooth enshrined in it. The temple was worth the visit. A fascinating exploration into Buddhist worship as well as Buddhist art and architecture. 

At first I was disturbed by the fact that as foreigners we got to keep our shoes on while we walked through the temple grounds towards the temple building. Locals had to take their shoes off as they walked through the grounds. But with the rain and the dirt my reservations quickly faded. The shrine was very interesting with many different parts, two museums, and indoor and out door spaces. Seeing people worship was fascinating. We spent a good hour and half exploring the Tooth Temple and its compound. 

After the spiritual came the physical. We headed off to see a show of traditional Kandian dancing. We saw examples of ten different dances. The dancers were decked out in their various costumes that were colorful and lively. The dances varied from the simple the acrobatic. All were themed to represent and symbolize various things from tradition and mythology. It was fun and enjoyable to see.

The next day we went farther a field and outside the city. To find out how we woke up that first morning in Kandy check out Part II of this post.