There is so much to say, so much to comment on, but what I want to say the most as I am half way through this journey is that I feel very privileged. Why? Let me explain.

Today while walking through the Botanical Gardens of Nuwara Eliya  we were quietly taking in the scenery when we noticed bear monkeys above us. We quietly stepped back as the whole troupe passed before us and came near us. I felt so privileged to be allowed to see that sight. The troupe leader, the mothers, the children over 50 monkeys running, jumping in front of us.

I feel privileged to be let into the house of our Tuk Tuk driver to meet his family and have a cup of coffee. The family welcomed us the children played with us. We took photos and then sped of on our journey. I

feel privileged to be walking hills and mountains so lush and green, I feel privileged to see the clouds roll in over them where before there was sun and light. I feel privileged to be in a land so rich and exciting. Each day offers something new and unexpected, that I forget what I did the day before.

It is a privilege that we are the only guests of our hotel and it is truly like home. With the staff being so friendly and yet not intrusive. We shared pictures and spoke of our countries.  

And yes it is a privilege that I can afford to be here and see all this, for despite the heavenly scenery and the amazing experiences this is truly a third world country, but with a first class heart. Everyone we have met and every encounter we have had has been uplifting, inspiring and, yes, a privilege.