Everyday is a unique experience with something new … so exhilarating that I forget the day before. But what I do want to stop and comment on with my brief interlude into the cyber world is the amazing site of Sigiriya .

Sigriya Rock is where a citadel was built long ago. It is 1202 steps to the top and we climbed them all.  Every step of the way offered us something spectacular to look at and the climb was well worth it. I. When we reached the top it was as if I was on top of the world. The view was breath-taking and so moving that tears welled up. The landscape is so beautiful – why would anyone what to leave I kept asking myself. We sat and rested and everywhere you look it was amazing, green, and just wonderful.

I now truly know what being on top of the world is like. The adventures we are having here are so numerous, each day is a joy. This country is a heaven. I will try to write more tomorrow.