There is a richness to this place that you notice as soon as you arrive. Its not the wealth or cleanliness of the airport. Its not width of the streets or the comfort of the tuk tuks. Its not eh GSM network welcoming you to Sri Lanka. It is a lot more.

 The richness is everywhere. The heaviness of the air, filled with the humidity of the sea, and the different scents of the land, the people and the food. Its the richness in color. The lovely hues of green every where, the vibrant saris the women wear, the loosely wrapped sarongs men wear. The sounds that fill the air, the birds, the traffic, the sing song language of Sinhala, or heavily accented English, even the music that greeted us at baggage claim. All of this richness mixed in with the chaotic, the bizarre, the raggedy, and the dirty.

 But this is what makes Sri Lanka seamless, effortless. It the normal for everyone here. That is why I am here isn’t it? To escape my normal for someone else’s that to me is more vibrant, exotic, and rich. And so from Hot, humid and filthy rich Colombo, we sit planning out next steps in this ever so rich country.