Today we started our journey to Sri Lanka. And with any modern odyssey the start was spent mostly in airports. Airports are funny places. You get bored, engrossed, entertained, anxious… etc all in one place. For me it offers entertainment in the form of people watching.

An airport terminal is the ideal place for a people watcher like myself. People are coming and going, some are lost, some are in a hurry, some are bored, others are avid duty free shoppers, there are the hungry, the tired, the business oriented, the leisure travellers and it is so much fun watching them come and go. I love to try and guess their story or their nationality.

 I also love to watch how people dress. The airport terminal is definitely the place to check out the latest in fashion dos and don’ts from every culture and every region. Like the European man in yellow jeans, or the American team with big straw hats and team t-shirts or the Asian women in their ethic clothing. Such a kaleidoscope of color and fashion. So much fun.

 But even with all this stimuli I still manage to get bored. so I chat with my friend, read, do some writing, use the free Internet service 🙂 and wait endless hours for my plane. And so from Doha airport, I sit awaiting my adventure to begin. This time tomorrow I will be in Colombo!